This brief called for a lighting design which integrated an element of surprise. Surprise was designed into the object through materiality and perception.

The timber lamp, an unusual and unique choice, was hand turned on a lathe from London Plane Tree. The timber was chosen for its mottled grain to entice a user to investigate closer.

The on/off mechanism is triggered by a tilt switch and internal counter weight. In the off position, the lamp is tilted at 15 degrees, just enough to tempt the user to reach out and touch.

The user is surprised by the lamp turning on, the heavy weight, and clang of the counter weight shifting.

Yoko- A forename meaning child, designed for installation in an art gallery or studio where touch is normatively forbidden.

Materials: London Plane Tree

Frosted Acrylic

4500k LED Strip

Mercury free tilt switch

8mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

0.6kg Neodymium magnet

PLA 3d print