In transition.

Pragmatic. Imagined. Innovative. Conscious design for individuals, brands, and people.


After more than a decade of trade practice, I returned to New Zealand from the United Kingdom to learn in a new discipline. At Victoria University Wellington my undergraduate program includes a Bachelor of Design Innovation and Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Design for Social Innovation, Industrial Design, Political Science, and International Relations. I balance enthusiasm for design and politics through photography, cooking and collecting records.

By responding to emergency electrical breakdowns of industrial plant and process a fast paced, fluid, 'think on your feet', professional personality has emerged. Still, my professional approach has always been to create considered solutions for clients, and in the future I will continue to prescribe careful consideration in my design practice.

In 2015 I took time away from my professional career to work in the Philippines and Honduras. I applied my knowledge of engineering and water utilities to assist SIBAT and Agua Clara in creating community water services. The time spent highlighted the need not to just build infrastructure, but the need to build services which best serve communities in each situation. Simply, this means designing systems with communities as partners, not beneficiaries.

For me, design is a tool of collaboration and strategy. To uncover unique design material I acknowledge the need to listen, empathise, and care. The challenge is to scrutinize our actions, be honest, think critically, and pull together the best available resources to produce the best products and services.

I will always advocate for a human centred design practice with moral consciousness. My perspective of design is borrowed from needs and necessity, the pragmatic and imagined. My creativity and practicality can be applied to services, research and development, technology, and photography. 

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